About us

The best extreme fishing destinations in the world

We started our company in 2006 after many years of guiding trips all around the world, always with two passions, first is fishing, the other is traveling, so we mixed them and we start our operation like pioneers in many parts of the world.

We Visited and fished many countries during the last 20 year in particular countries between the tropics, (Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenia, Tanzania, Sudan, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Oman, Yemen, India, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and others.) most of the time to discover new fishing Spots for Big Game Fishing, popping and Jigging.

After many years of travelling and guide fishermen from all the world, we can say we are professional Sportfishing organization.

WFA Travel , as you can understand is not only a fishing travel agency is an experience for anglers who want to try the best extreme fishing destinations in the world.

Fishing Trip is a way of life, our way of life

Vincenzo Caccico. Owner and Guide.

Info: fishingwfa@gmail.com